sun kissed {Fraser, Michigan Senior Photographer}

So weeks ago I had this dream about a wheat field with the golden glow of sunset.   Well toward the end of my session with Dani, I spy a golden field of, well not wheat but close enough, and  I knew it would be an amazing spot to photograph her.  This little field is up on a hill over looking a park and while I was clicking away we apparently drew a crowd. They thought Dani was a “real” model.  We heard a couple of cat calls that we ignored and later found out they were actually coming from a 3 year old boy, he kept yelling “yeah baby!”  Boy they start young!  And Dani, you most certainly are a “real” model ~ you rocked it and I had a great time.  Enjoy!  Krista


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  1. daniiiii!

    I LOVE KRISTAAAA! aw i loveddd these soo much this is gonna suck trying to decide which ones i want i want them alllllll! 🙂

  2. These are awesome – love ’em!


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