girl next door {Lake Orion Senior Photographer}

An unassuming beauty with brains and musical talent and I absolutely fell in love with her smile.  So often I lean towards more serious looks but with Miss C I can’t get enough of her smile. 🙂  Oh yeah, she has gorgeous eyes and hair too.  But what I loved most about her ~ she climbs trees.  Yes, you read that right, she climbs trees.  A girl after my own heart.  When I was younger I lived in tress.  My dad tried to deter me by cutting down low lying branches but it didn’t work.  I loved the solitude I found in the trees and  I haven’t been in one in way too many years and part of me lived vicariously through Miss C and her tree climbing.  Funny but I kinda have a fear of heights…


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  1. Oh and yes the “S” smile is showing as well. Love that first one! Beautiful subject!


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