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*squeal*  I love what I do and I’m always honored when other people like what I do too 🙂  So you can imagine how excited I was when one of my favorite friend’s sister (do you follow me Beuller? Beuller?) asked me to travel to Grand Rapids to take her daughter’s senior pictures!!  I brought my family and loved combining business with pleasure, although honestly it never felt like business.  The west side of Michigan is so beautiful and I long for the locations that Cat took me to.  The first was her grandparents house which was a playground of all things old and rusty, a photographers dream come true.  Check out the colors on this old truck box.



I love this next one, she was talking to her mom who was off to the side of us.  It warmed my heart to see how awesome their relationship is.  I put Cat down on my list of teenagers that are wonderful.  My list helps me not be so afraid of my own girls growing up. 🙂


Then we went to their friend’s farm.  Again a photographer’s dream.  Notice the cow?  She came out to to see what we were up to and take a gigantic pee =) lol


I just love Cat’s eyes, so warm and dreamy.


Thank you G family for all your warmth and hospitality this weekend!!  I am still full from all the wonderful food.  There is nothing quite like Grandma C’s sausage and peppers!  xoxo

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  1. sarah

    You are awesome Krista! Thank you so much for coming all this way. It was so much fun. Thanks for all the warm wonderful things you said about us! You are a great mom and some day too you will have great teenagers who love to spend time with family!

  2. Krista

    I truly enjoyed every minute of it Sarah! Thank you for everything!! You really do have an amazing family, I cannot say that enough. So much love, humor, respect, warmth…we loved spending time with you all. The kids have asked to come back 😉


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