Zach | location senior photographer

Last week I got to spend some time in Port Austin with my fremily. Fremily? My word for friends that are like family. =)  We love our time in Port Austin.  My kids call it “the funnest place on earth!”  Makes sense when you spend every day at the beach, the pool and the putt putt golf course with some of your favorite people on earth, right!?  So meet Zach.  He is my 7 year old daughter’s crush.  Although she won’t admit it, she thinks he’s dreamy.  And Zach is so sweet to her.  Thanks for putting up with her!! =)  Since Zach spends time in Port Austin every year we thought it was a good place to take his senior pictures.  Enjoy your last year of high school Zach!!

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  1. Wendy Godlewski

    Great job Krista, as always. can’t wait to see the rest of them. See you Labor day weekend I am sure.


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