The cuddling couple {Michigan engagement photographer}

Last week I attended a photography retreat in Philadelphia. Spending time with like minded, talented friends is so rejuvenating! I spent the entire week laughing and learning that along with being tone deaf (I cannot carry a tune to save my life), I also have lost all rhythm I once had. But bring out the Kinect and I can play any of the dance games better than my kids! =) One of the things we always do at our retreats is a shoot out. Erin and Caleb, along with their adorable fur children, “modeled” for us. Truly the best cuddlers I have ever seen. They have been married 5 years and they still act like they are on their honeymoon. Thank you Erin and Caleb! If you want to see more engagements and weddings, check out my wedding website, Poppy Art Photography.

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