dress up {michigan child photographer}

To say I adore this child is an understatement. She is amazing and I’m not surprised. As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and her parents are pretty amazing too. We did have a “normal” session and then I asked Syd if she would like to play dress up and model for me. She had no problem hamming it up. This first image makes me swoon. Loving her curls sticking out from under the hat.







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time to play catch up | Michigan child photographer

When life is busy, my blog is one of the first things to get neglected. I hope to get caught up showcasing all the beautiful people I have been photographing this winter/spring. If you can even call what we’ve had lately spring. 😉 Meet this cute little redhead. I think she had 2 sets of dimples plus another single. It was hard to count as she was so full of energy and smiles. Her parents won the session at an fundraising auction I had donated to. So happy to have been able to meet them and help raise money for a good cause!

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beautiful siblings {Michigan child photographer}

I loved photographing these siblings and hearing about their time at camp. They had just returned so they were excited to share their adventures. They have the same sibling order as my family and I know how much my brother *loves* being between two sisters. =)

You can see the spunk and personality pouring out of her pure cuteness.

Then there’s Mr. Handsome. I love his hair and I shed a tear because just the day before I had shaved off all my son’s curls.

And last, but certainly not least, is the quiet beauty.

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